Our Coffee

Our process produces the best of coffees


Our farmer-partners grow their coffee in the nutrient rich, dark volcanic top soil of the highlands of western Cameroon. The daily doses of rainfall and sunshine along with the dedication and expertise of our farmers contribute to produce the rich, full bodied Arabica coffee known worldwide as Cameroon Boyo™ Arabica Coffee.


Instead of mass produced “sun grown” coffee, our coffee is organically “shade grown” in a natural, planet friendly ecosystem which produces a more flavorful bean. On over 200 small family owned farms, the natural techniques handed down for generations to guarantee the highest quality coffee beans. The beans are picked and sorted by hand removing all abnormal and/or deformed beans to ensure that only the very best quality coffee beans remain.


This is the high quality, “farmer-owned” coffee that is taken to world markets through our collaborative efforts. Bagging, transporting and containerizing are carried out in carefully controlled environments to ensure that our coffee remains completely free from chemical pollutants. These carefully selected beans are the ones that bear the BOYO™ brand and are responsible for the wonderful flavor experience.


Once BOYO™ coffee arrives in the United States, we insist on controlled roasting and protective packaging to ensure that all the goodness, flavor and freshness is conserved for your enjoyment. This process while slow and seemingly cumbersome, allows us to offer a superior product that is free of contaminants, full of human love and saturated with the vigor and great taste that is BOYO™ coffee.